Looking to acquire a CNC Machine Shop

Commissioned by £50 Million VC Group 

We have been retained by a VC / Private Equity Group Private with a 7 business group, they are looking to expand their existing group and acquire a CNC machine shop based in the UK. The group have ready funds and could transact on completion of Due Diligence

The key high lights for the brief are :-

• UK Based
• Skilled workforce
• Good retained customer base with loyal repeat business
• Assembly capabilities
• Consider painting and metal treatments
• CNC Machining envelope medium to large capacity
• CNC Milling
• CNC Turning
• 5 Axis Machining
• Special process machining
• CNC Co-ordinate measuring
• Lean methodologies and process controlled
• Turnover + £5 million to £20 Million
• A business with sector specific experience, experts in their field
• Used in Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Semi-Conductor, Water, Military
• Our client will retain the brand they acquire and run it alongside their business
• Preferred 100% share purchase.
• Purchased from cash reserves

Scellon Business brokers actively looking to buy the right fit with our client’s VC backed group who operate in the high precision CNC machining sectors.

The Chairman is very successful growing several business and is on the board of the investment leg of the VC group, each business unit operates independently with its own MD, Scellon acts on behalf of this group on targeting and acquiring business and aids in the post integration plans.

This group has completed 3 significant acquisitions over the past 12 months, one is a world class fabrication company the other one of the best machines shops serving the Aerospace markets I have ever had the privilege and finally a fully verified NADCAP approved painting and metal treatment shop.

Scellon will be happy to discuss any opportunities, for a confidential enquiry and consultation contact our team.