Supply Chain

Experts in international Supply chain management

Lean 6 Sigma driving cost effective, sustainable, maintainable stable supplier.

Managing a supply chain can be a tricky business, sometimes taking many years to route out the best suppliers, the most important contacts, the very best deals and most importantly ensuring on time delivery at competitive pricing.
But often a business can become bogged down in tradition, by established routines and friendly contacts. And that can mean opportunities to acquire services or materials at better prices can be missed – it’s something we specialise in routing out and it’s one of the most immediate ways to improve your company’s figures.

Applying the lean 6 Sigma methodologies to ensure that the 3 flows of supply chain are optimised

• Information Flow
• Decision Flow
• Material Flow

Supply Chain Services
We will review your existing supply chain, look at ways of negotiating better deals or working with entirely new suppliers to improve efficiencies. We have the knowledge and the contacts to make a significant difference to the way your company operates, for the better.

Looking into your how your supply chain is arranged is just one part of our holistic approach to improving the value of your company.

We offer Project Management for major projects including

• Auditing :- Process, Product Systems, project compliance
• Expediting
• Reporting
• Inspection
• Certification
• On time delivery
• Corrective and preventative action investigations and reporting