Testimonial for Ron Cowley and Scellon

I have known Ron for over 10 years in a professional context, he joined Hobbs valve in September 2014 to assist both myself and the board in realising it goals, objectives and ultimately the potential taking the position as Managing Director to enable the changes to be realised.

Ron’s business Scellon was instrumental in managing the process which has enabled Hobbs to gain a trading relationship and obtain inward investment into our business. Hobbs Valve has bucked the current trend in the industry and our order input is double to its normal average, the future looks truly rosy for Hobbs Valve.

Ron not only builds relationships he maintains them over time and stay loyal and customer focused at all times, he is technically and commercially competent in all aspects of running and growing businesses, to this extend I have engaged Ron as my personal advisor, Mentor to aid and grow the business both domestically and on an internationally.

I will be using Scellon to further develop and grow a group of companies under the umbrella
“ The Great British Valve Group “

Ron is a multi-skilled multi-talented leader who has hand on experience in Sales and Marketing, Product Design and Development, Operational Excellence, Supply Chain Service on an international basis I would recommend to any future business.

Having a strong pedigree in running both SME for American listed companies he is very results focused he has made a significant impact in sales and profit for Hobbs Valves since he joined our business with his business Scellon, Ron has bridged the divide of being on the outside and become a personal friend to myself and the other board members and very much part of our culture.

Ron is true to his Mission statement as he declares on his web site

On and Behalf of the Board of Hobbs Valve.

Alun Hobbs
1st July 2016

Alan Hobbs
Alun Hobbs