Hobbs Valve and GE Oil and Gas

Scellon have been working with the Hobbs Valve shareholders to structure a transaction to enable the business to meet its strategic business goals and objectives. Scellon collaborated a positive outcome for all the stakeholders and employees, with major future growth forecast.

On 1st July 2016 Mr Alun Hobbs Chairman of Hobbs Valve was pleased to announce that Hobbs Valve Ltd based in Caerphilly South Wales has entered into a trading relationship with GE Oil and Gas. Mr Hobbs retains 100% ownership and shareholding of Hobbs Valve Ltd.

The terms of the agreement has enabled GE to acquire the Intellectual Property ( IP ) and full rights to manufacture the products and control future design changes. Hobbs Valve will continue manufacturing the Hobbs Valve products under licence from GE.

Mr Hobbs has stated that the business partnership and collaboration with GE is a very positive move for all employees and stakeholders securing the business and enabling future growth plans within the UK to be realised.

Hobbs Valve are now part of the Great British Valve Group ™ a group set up specifically to bring together valve industry design, manufacture supply companies. The group currently consists of   Hobbs Valve ltd, Hobbs Precision Engineering Ltd, HVG Techno Ltd (A Design Service company).

Scellon will be actively working with The Great British Valve Group of which will grow both organically and through Acquisition. Specific details of the Group strategy and investment potential can be obtained with direct contact with Ron Cowley CEO of Scellon

On completion Alun Hobbs commented on the outstanding performance of Ron Cowley and his team in facilitating mentoring, nurturing and guiding the board through to completion.