No wind favours those who have no destined port

It is one of the most important business decisions Shareholders have to make, to grow the business through Acquisitions, Joint Ventures or organic growth, or alternatively do we divest of the business and leave the growth and risk to someone else !

Speculation and future predictions on the best course of action is at the heart of the strategic decision making model….my best advice is

“ The best way to predict the future is to Invent it “

At Scellon we will work with you to define, where you have been, where you are and where the business will or should be going, we will help make the right decision for you and the organisation. Most organisations are trading with a business strategy that works, they would not be in business if they had not got a lot of things right. Your focus may have been on business continuity, providing employment or expanding the company’s geographic reach.

We will give you structures alternatives to strategic Options and choices, which are:-

  • Buy
  • Improve the business in preparation for sales
  • Divest

Our focus is on value; the money it will take to pry your business away will go up so long as key criteria are met, and that includes a business strategy with a focus on strong, sustainable growth and – above all – profitability.

Scellon business brokers Looking into your business strategy setup is just one part of our holistic approach to improving the value of your company.