Divestiture and Integration

The highlight of doing my job is when I see the shareholders receive the agreed price for their hard work and investment retuned through the transfer of cash into their bank accounts, it is truly life changing for may shareholders and offers a life changing opportunity to have choice.

At Scellon we are very well placed to help the exiting shareholder adjust to a new life, this may involve staying with the business for an agreed length of time and a gradual run down. We work closely with the Wealth Club who can advise how to secure their cash and grow it. There is always a tax implication on the sale of any business asset, our advisors do not look at tax evasion as this is un-ethical and not in line with our core Vision and Values, we will look for ways in making your investment tax efficient.


Post Acquisition and Integration

The hard work starts post acquisition and your exit, the acquiring company has either to continue to run your business and grow it or integrate it into a larger entity, we work with the acquiring business ensuring that both the business and the employees are assimilated in a moral ethical and positive manner. We often act as NED ( Non Executive Directors ) for an agreed period working on post integration strategies developing and enhancing synergies and the realisation of future potential.


Chairman Comments

As Chairman of Scellon I have I ensure that the Legal, Moral, Ethical corporate governance and compliance on both the buyers and sellers perspective, as an international economist and academic having sold my own group I have first-hand experience of the do’s and don’ts of mergers and Acquisitions. We carefully vet the Acquiring organisations and their leadership to ensure competence and financial stability required to run the post once you have exited