Process and Fees

Realising the Value of businesses

If you are contemplating the sale of your business, here are some key questions you should address before entering any commitment.

• Do I really want to Sell ?
• How Much is the business worth ?
• What do I want from the transaction both financially and commercially ?
• Can I find a buyer ?
• Who do I want to sell the business to ?
• Will the buyer be a good fit to my business and how will they be vetted?
• Can I walk away from the business, and will I have to give warranties, or indemnities ?
• How much risk is involved ?
• What if I back out ?
• What if the buyer backs out ?
• Will I have to prepare the business for sale and what is the process for this ?
• How much will it cost to sell the business?
• Will I have a choice on the company I see as the best fit ?
• Why should I choose Scellon to handle the sale of my business ?

If you decide to engage with Scellon, these are among the issues we will be discussing with you during the initial meetings prior to any commitment. If the decision is to proceed with your sale plans, you can be assured that Scellon will have total focus on the following issues in order to secure a successful sale for you on the best possible terms.

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