Legal, Compliance and Corporate governance

Managing the Legal process cost effectively as your business broker

The legal framework and procedures relating to Acquisitions or business sale probably causes the Shareholders the biggest challenge……Why ? ….. Well we at Scellon refer to it as Legal Speak, the process is can be confusing, heavy on paperwork and in depth. Legal council is critical in any business sale and transaction; it ensures that your will be safe from litigation warranties or legal actions resulting from the sale process.

We take the Legal Speak and pain out for you acting as your interface between all the legal entities communicating in ways that is clearly understood. Handing control over to a legal frim can often result in some hefty invoices which is disproportional to the work content. We at Scellon work with our legal team to ensure Legal compliance at a fair and representative cost for the work content.

Our legal specialists will help to guarantee that any sales process is iron-clad, making sure you’re fully covered from the moment pen is set to paper. We advise on confidentiality processes to make sure that this key consideration is not overlooked.

In addition, if we see any opportunities to ensure your company is more legally-robust (e.g. with the protection of IP, correct liability insurance or vulnerability to lawsuits), we will offer the proper advice – all with the objective of making your business a stronger and more valuable prospect in the eye of potential buyers.

Scellon your business broker look into your legal and compliance structure of your business, this is just one part of our holistic approach to improving the value of your company.