Human Resources (HR)

The best asset a company will ever have

I was once asked for one quote what the most important aspect of running a business was my reply was

“ in every successful business there will be very successful motivated and engaged employees, Leadership is the engagement of employees at all levels of the organisation ensuring they have the knowledge skills and attitude to fulfil their job roll and continually learn and develop to meet their full potential in pursuit of the rolls and goals of the organisation and ultimately give exceptional and extraordinary performance “

One of the key elements of any company sale is the assessment of the employees and the structure of the organisation, at Scellon we have the best Human resource team you could hope for, experience at running small SME organisation right through to fortune 100 companies who are best place to advise and help on

  • HR compliance Policies and Procedures
  • Structural configuration of businesses
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Engagement, Enrichment, Rotation, Mentoring
  • 9 Box assessment
  • Team building
  • Psychometric testing and assessment
  • TUPE (transfer of undertaking and protection of Employees )
  • Post-acquisition integration and stability
  • Apprentice and undergraduate traing

People are the lifeblood. Without your talented, loyal team members, your company just isn’t the same, especially in smaller companies, the human resources function can be extremely limited, with gaps in terms of contract strength, recruitment processes, staff working policies and the like. When the time comes to sell a company, you’re going to want those processes to be entirely robust and attractive to potential buyers.

We’ll also work on ways to ensure that when your business is sold, your key personnel will be incentivised to stay – offering reassurance to any potential buyer that the company won’t be at risk of falling apart once you’ve stepped away from it.

As your business broker we will be Looking into your human resources setup as just one part of our holistic approach to improving the value of your company.