Design Engineering / Technology

Engineers who are qualified both academically and practically

Our team of Qualified Engineers offer a wide range of disciplines including:

• Solid Modelling
• CAD Drafting
• BOM Management
• Design for manufacturing
• Working Instructions and Process Layouts
• Finite Element analysis
• Valve Design
• Product and concept design
• Data transfer and clean up

You may feel that only you and your core team understand how things work, but there are universal truths that apply to all engineering-based companies and our team of specialists know all the ways to improve things from a technical point of view using design for 6 Sigma methodologies.

Whether it’s pushing forward stagnating innovations, developing new ways of using software to speed up processes or simply ensuring quality control systems are kept up to date – we have the expertise required to take things to the next level without over-the-top investment.

Looking into your production setup is just one part of our holistic approach to improving the value of your company.
Our developments will always be focused on maximising the value of your business ahead of any proposed sale.