Who are we

Maximise your company’s value

You can think of Scellon as a collective of experts in every aspect of business – from technology and production processes to finance and HR – all brought together by our managing director and business improvement specialist Ron Cowley.

Our focus is on taking the hard work you’ve already done in developing your company and moving it to the next level – showing potential investors, partners or buyers that the business is worth more. We do this by looking in detail at your company, identifying weaknesses and ways of maximising value – we then help you to implement them by appointing advisors in those key business areas.

By improving the company’s value we strengthen your position – whether you’re looking to acquire another business or sell yours. If the time has come for your business to start paying you back, you need to get in touch with Scellon.

To find out more about how we work, check out our “Six Stage Business Sales Process.”